Artwork: Two Trees

Two trees BY M.L.PAPPAS AT PAPPASARTS MIKOS • MLPappas • PappasArts • MIKOSarts • #mikos #pappasarts #mlpappas #mikosarts Paintings and ArtWork by MIKOS • MLPappas • PappasArts • MIKOSarts _ http://PAPPASARTS.WORDPRESS.COM _  http://TWITTER.COM/PAPPASARTS _ _ #art #followArt #painting #fineart #contemporaryart #drawing #artist #arts "ArtWork by MIKOS" "ArtWorks by MIKOS"

The two trees is a personal painting for me. It’s about two children looking onto their father moments after his death. The distance between them grows as their father bask in sunlight from the heavens above while he slowly fades away. After my father died, much to young he was, I was changed yet again in my life. The premature death of my mother years earlier was the shattering view into the reality of the fragility of life. Loosing my father years later was the cold seal on that truth. The reason it’s called two trees, is that’s what is left, two trees, or two children. I can’t get my parents back, like a tree cut from the forest, it’s no longer. Gone, and only something new can rise from the earth where this tree once stood. This painting makes me sad and happy. I see this as a glimpse of a final farewell, however a farewell I was not ready for, nor prepared to face, or ever wanted too.

Artwork Title: Two Trees by MIKOS • MLPappas




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