Artwork: Sunset Hill

SUNSET HILL Painting - BY MIKOS • MLPAPPAS AT PAPPASARTS #FOLLOWART #MIKOS • MLPappas • PappasArts • MIKOSarts • #mikos #pappasarts #mlpappas #mikosarts Paintings and ArtWork by MIKOS • MLPappas • PappasArts • MIKOSarts _ http://PAPPASARTS.WORDPRESS.COM _  http://TWITTER.COM/PAPPASARTS _ _ #art #followArt #painting #fineart #contemporaryart #drawing #artist #arts "ArtWork by MIKOS" "ArtWorks by MIKOS"ART #ARTIST  "The Art of Mikos"  copy 2

The Sunset Hill painting at its very core is a metaphor for hope. It’s the escapism dreamed about by so many since childhood. A pathway to another reality where your dreams and desires can come alive; where you’re in control of your destiny as well everything around you. I believe if you keep an eye out for it, you’ll find your Sunset Hill. When you come upon it you’ll know it, because the colors that surround it glow with an intense beauty that only can be matched by the spectrum of your hopes and dreams. Never give up, and always have hope in the things you dream about as the next time you’re roaming around somewhere in the world, you might just come upon your Sunset Hill…

Artwork Title: Sunset Hill by MIKOS • MLPappas

This is the other painting that is from the Sunset Hill series titled: Escape to Sunset Hill



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